Shark attacks along New York Shores; 50 sharks spotted near Long Island


Two shark attacks along the shores of Long Island have placed beachgoers on high alert. Officials’ drones have spotted some 50 sand sharks near a popular beach park, causing at least one delayed beach opening. 

Charles Gorman, New York State Parks Regional Director, would describe the scene as a school of sharks right before the beach.

Despite the increased patrols and drone surveillance, more reports of alleged attacks would surface throughout the week. A 15-year-old reported being bitten on one of his feet near Fire Island Pines Beach. Soon after, a 49-year-old man would report having his hand bitten near the area as well. 

Off Quogue Village Beach in the Hamptons, a 47-year-old man would also report an apparent bite to his right knee - though officials remain uncertain that it was a shark. 

As a precaution, Quogue police would advise swimmers to stay out of the water until officials could assess the risks. 


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